Too Soon to Say Good-bye

Delgrosso's Amusement Park with Chad and family

These past six weeks have been difficult ones for my family.  On September 16th, my thirty-six year old nephew died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, plunging our family into sadness like we've never known before. Chad leaves behind his parents, a nine-year-old daughter, a six-year-old son, a sister, two nieces, and a lot of other family members and friends who will never stop missing him.  Our family has experienced loss before, but this time, it's different.  And it's different because Chad was what we all consider to be too young to die.  It was just too soon to say … [Read more...]

The Best Pizza on the East Coast!

Ledo's Pepperoni pizza

Every September when we vacation in Ocean City, Maryland, we indulge in Ledo's Pizza, the best pizza on the east coast.  At least Jack and I and my sister and her husband think it's the best pizza on the east coast.  Even Oprah's friend Gayle agrees that Ledo's pizza ranks in the top ten. My sister and brother-in-law discovered Ledo's Pizza shop one time when they were visiting Ocean City on their own.  They love this thin crust, sweet sauced pizza with thick sliced pepperoni, and now so do we! We've never met Ledo, but if I ever do, I'll be sure to congratulate him on his pizza … [Read more...]

The Saga of the Yellow Sand Shovel

yellow sand shovel

In July our adult granddaughters and their families spent a week vacationing in the Outer Banks.  Aaliyah, our almost-three-year-old great-granddaughter, loved playing in the sand and water.  She especially enjoyed digging in the sand with her yellow sand shovel.  Everyone was having a marvelous vacation until her little yellow sand shovel was left lying too close to the water.When her yellow sand shovel was swept out to sea, Aaliyah considered it a loss of monumental proportions.  She even claimed that she no longer liked the beach because it stole her yellow shovel from her.  She has a flair … [Read more...]

Happy 45th Anniversary, Larry & Mary Lou!

Sweet Treats Table

In July, this happy couple celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary.  This happy couple just happens to be my sister Mary Lou and her husband Larry. Just last week, we celebrated their anniversary at a party given by their two children. The room was filled with friends and family gathered to honor Larry and Mary Lou--a couple who has weathered the storms of life together for forty-five years.  That's something to celebrate! The meal was catered, but the desserts were provided by various guests who brought sweet treats to share.  The sweet treats table was a huge … [Read more...]

The Sisters Visit Big Valley


This summer is flying by at lighting speed, and I've been enjoying it more than I usually enjoy summer.  One reason for that is the cooler temperatures we've had this summer in Central Pennsylvania.  Another reason that this summer has been a great one is that I've gotten to spend time with lots of people I love.  My three sisters, Lois, Joyce, and Mary Lou are among those ones that I love. Every now and then, we like to get together and spend a day together.  Tuesday was one of those days.  For our sister outing, we decided to head over the mountain to the Big Valley--one of the most … [Read more...]