Scripture Memory Challenge: Verse Ten


Mid-June is past, and we are enjoying our blooming annuals here!  Summer is such a wonderful time to witness the creative genius of our Creator God. I'm continuing my Scripture memorization in Psalm 63.  The verse I've been working on for the last half of June is verse four: I will praise you as long as I live,    lifting up my hands to you in prayer. When I gaze on God's power and glory, my only possible response is to praise Him! … [Read more...]

Improving Our Curb Appeal

plants with red mulch

Have you ever wondered how you can eventually stop noticing things that you look at every day?  That happens to us a lot around here.  How else could we explain having the front of our house "landscaped" like this: For years now, instead of having plants or shrubbery growing in front of our house like lots of people do, we've had a patch of weeds growing up amid some white stones.  I'll totally take the blame for this because I'm not a fan of shrubbery.  I know people who can no longer see out of their windows because of shrubs that they planted years ago.  To avoid having that happen, … [Read more...]

Dress a Doll; Help a Girl

Little girls and dolls belong together!     Sadly, not every little girl has that privilege of a fun, safe childhood with dolls and doll clothes.  This summer, at My Grandma Knows, I want to give you an opportunity to partner with me to help young girls in Managua, Nicaragua. La Chureca is a village within a garbage dump in Managua, Nicaragua.  The residents of this village suffer from extreme filth, poverty, and hopelessness.  The air is so contaminated that it slowly poisons the people who live there.  Girls are especially vulnerable to drug abuse and sex trading as they are sometimes … [Read more...]

No More Sleeping With Stink Bugs!

Haier 5000 BTU air conditioner

Last September, because of an invasion of stink bugs, we were forced to remove our window air-conditioning unit even before the hot summer weather was behind us.  The stink bugs were coming in to our bedroom around and even THROUGH the unit. When spring finally broke loose this year, we thought that we were going to have to make a choice this summer between sleeping in a cool bedroom or sleeping with stink bugs.   Jack and I faced this dilemma with a strategy that has worked for us for all the years of our marriage.  We talked often about the problem, discussed possible solutions, and took … [Read more...]

Scripture Memory Challenge: Verse Nine

I haven't forgotten my Scripture memory challenge this month.  I'm still working on memorizing and meditating on Psalm 63.  This week, I'm memorizing verse three. Your unfailing love is better than life itself;    how I praise you! I really love the enthusiasm of the Psalmist here!  When I think of God's unfailing, never-ending, and totally undeserved love for me, all I can do is praise Him! … [Read more...]