MYO Foaming Hand Soap

When I won a bottle of Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint foaming hand soap at a Christmas party in December, I was delighted!  I'd never tried this product before, but I love peppermint!  The soap turned out to be a favorite of mine, and when we reached the bottom of the bottle in April, I wanted more. My first inclination was to search for it online, but I wasn't able to find it at a reasonable price since it is a seasonal item at Bath & Body Works stores.  In my search, I did find a recipe for making your own foaming hand soap. It took me a few weeks to gather my … [Read more...]

The Gift of Hospitality

Do you have the gift of hospitality?  I wouldn't say that hospitality is one of my own strengths, but it's one of those things that I'm always planning to improve on as soon as it's convenient for me. This past weekend, two of my sisters and I had the privilege of spending the weekend at the home of my nephew and his wife.   I'd been at their home in the past for their children's graduation parties, and I was looking forward to getting together with them again.  They've got the gift of hospitality, for sure! The original plan for the weekend was to enjoy a picnic and campfire in the back … [Read more...]

Cut a Watermelon in Under 10 Minutes

Jack used to be in charge of cutting watermelon at our house.  It was a bit of an ordeal because it was a messy job, and he didn't like to do it.  Last year, I read an article about an easier way to clean a watermelon, and I gave it a try.  The good news is that it really was is easy.   The bad news is that cutting watermelon is now my job.  But that's okay.  It takes me less than ten minutes to turn a whole melon into melon cubes. Just in case you missed that article, here's how it's done. 1.  Put a kitchen towel on the counter under your cutting board, and grab a long, sharp knife. … [Read more...]

Making Children’s Wear Safe

I don't talk a lot about sewing here on My Grandma Knows, but I do own and operate my own sewing business.  My sewing consists of alterations (but NOT prom or bridal alterations!), some custom sewing, and some handmade products that I sell.  For a few years, the bulk of my sewing projects were bags and purses.  Over a year ago, I ventured into doll clothes and had a great time sewing clothing for 18" dolls like the American Girl dolls. It was around that time that I heard or saw something about safety regulations for children's wear and toys.  My first response was to pretend I didn't see … [Read more...]

Five Things You’ll Never Read on My Blog

Every once in a while, I share a post here at My Grandma Knows that touches the hearts of more than my usual number of readers.  The last post I wrote, A Biker's Lesson on Friendship, was one of those posts.  That particular post brought more readers to my blog than any other post I've ever shared here.  I even gained some new subscribers. Exactly how does one follow-up a heartfelt post like that?  My next scheduled post, a review of a Norwex rubber brush, seemed a little anti-climactic after last week's post.   I'll share that review eventually, but I thought I'd take today's post to … [Read more...]