Keeping Track of Passwords

computer log-in

Keeping track of passwords for websites was driving me crazy!  Back in the old days when I used the same password for every site, there was no problem for me to remember how to log in to my favorite websites.  That all changed when I was advised NOT to use the same password twice, and furthermore, passwords should NOT contain words from the dictionary or include my dog's first, middle, or last name. Sites were demanding that my passwords contain numbers and symbols combined with upper and lower case letters.  That's all fine and dandy, but who do they think is going to remember all of … [Read more...]

Let’s Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

my cluttered medicine cabinet

If you've got a medicine cabinet in your bathroom, odds are that you've got a lot more in it than medicines.  At our house, we keep most of our medicines and vitamin supplements in the kitchen where we take them, so our medicine cabinet in the bathroom had become a breeding ground for clutter.  I can't remember the last time I cleaned out my medicine cabinet, and it showed. One day in November I decided that it was time to tackle this job, which, I must tell you, took me twenty minutes from start to finish.  I began by completely emptying the medicine cabinet and wiping it out.  Some of … [Read more...]

“My Grandma Knows” Turns Three!


January 2015 marks my third year of blogging!  It's hard for me to believe that My Grandma Knows has turned three years old this month.  I wrote a "Happy Birthday to my Blog" post last January, so I won't repeat the story here about how or why I came to be a blogger or how blogging has changed me and my life.  You can read all about that in last year's post. What I can share this year is my realization that blogging has followed my usual pattern for new projects.  I start off with a huge burst of energy and excitement which can't possibly last.  The time always comes when I grow bored with … [Read more...]

Highlights of Florida in January

home maintenance

Last Saturday, I said good-bye to sunny Florida and my sister and boarded a plane to fly north.  It was sad to leave behind that gorgeous weather, but it's great to be home!  If I can find a way to take Jack with me next year, I think we'll stay for the whole winter! I thought I'd share a few pictures and some of the highlights of this ten-day trip to summer in January. One of my favorite spots in my sister's neighborhood is the community pool.  I was able to swim seven of the ten days I spent there.  I don't think I'd ever get tired of that pool by the palm trees!  They don't call me … [Read more...]

Food, Friends, and Fair Weather


Food, friends, and fair weather sums up our first four days in Florida.  We have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather this week, and the temperatures have been in the high seventies and eighties with sunshine and high humidity. Each morning it's been warm enough for us to have coffee and breakfast on the patio while we watch the birds fishing for breakfast in the lake, and every afternoon I've been to the pool. Every day so far, we've gotten together with friends in the park where my sister lives, at church, at someone's home, or in a restaurant. My sister Joyce and her friends … [Read more...]